December Book: Tim Brown ‘Change by Design’

Vienna on Dec 16, 2019

For the end of the year, we have prepared a post about a very special book. ‘Change by Design’ by Tim Brown was my first read when it came to the broad subject of design thinking. This book is not new but it has never lost its relevance.


Social Innovation: PlanetCare

Vienna on Nov 28, 2019

Source: PlanetCare

In the inaugural post of the Social Innovation series we decided to take a look at the innovation that addresses probably one of the most widely-spoken problems – plastic.


November Book: Daniel H. Pink ‘Drive’

Vienna on Nov 13, 2019

Have your ever wondered why you somehow never manage to keep up with a fitness routine no matter how many new year’s resolutions you plan? Why your job or projects don’t excite you even though technically you would have multiple reasons to like it? Have you, as a manager, wondered how you can create a good team and what you can do to motivate your employees the right way?