Clients usually approach us when they are facing a tough challenge they cannot solve with classic approaches or when searching for new business opportunities in general. 1030 guides you on a journey forcing you to explore different directions to ultimately develop unusual cutting edge solutions for existing problems as well as completely new directions to accelerate your business. Innovation is not a one-time thing and requires cultural change to be sustainable. This is why we also put a strong focus on the creation of an innovation-friendly environment. Each of our projects is unique and tailored to our client’s needs.


1030 Toolbox

Our toolbox consists of an increasing variety of formats & methods. We have developed most of these formats ourselves. Some of them are state-of-the-art approaches we have adapted for our purposes. Each project we are starting is a modular combination of different formats and methodologies. As every project is as unique as our clients, we constantly develop new formats tailored to your needs.